Easily Raise Money for Your Business

If you are just beginning to raise money for your project, let Meritronics in Milpitas, California, help in reaching your goals. We provide you with the following valuable services.

Crowdfunding Support Group

Become a member of our support group where everyone can help each other. We have a pool of successful crowdfunding members fostering a supportive relationship towards one another.

Design Services, CNC Prototypes, and Cost Reduction

Create or redesign working prototypes through our low-cost design services and high volume manufacturing. Especially if you need to slash your product cost in half, we take your working design and assemble it using high-quality components in Asia. Already suitable for marketing and testing purposes, our CNC prototypes look just like the finished product, including the logo.

Built in China without Traveling

With a single trip to a mainland Chinese factory costing about $5,000, we instantly raise money and time by building your product there as you work with our U.S.-based program managers. We ramp up production without the need for you to travel overseas.

Contact us in Milpitas, California, to conveniently raise money for your goals.