Dek Horizon 710


Meritronics currently utilizes five production lines for manufacturing PCB's. Each line is specialized for unique customer requirements. In addition to Laritech's Engineering capabilities, Laritech has grown organically to support our customer's production requirements. From PCBA to complete Box Builds whether you need a single prototype or low to high volume assembly, our state of the art equipment and seasoned staff are available to assist you. Don't miss our printed circuit board solutions in Case Studies, offering a diversity of Laritech PCB's, programming and integration.


DEK Horizon 710 —  

SMT Solder Paste Stencil Print

High-mixruns of small lots, deposits ultrafine apertures on small component pads with many different paste types.

  • -1.6 Cpk @ +/- 25um Accuracy and Repeatability
  • -12 second cycle time
  • -508x508mm PCB size
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