Fuji Aimex III


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Fuji Aimex III —  

SMT Pick-and-Place

Picks up SMT components and places them accurately in a specified location on the board. Solder paste is applied to the boards before they are placed in the machine.

  • Comp. placement: 0201 (0.25x0.125mm) to 102 mm x 25.4mm thick (Dyna head: custom multi-point nozzle and tray).
  • H24 Head transparent flux dipping, height => 30 microns (fields in Part Data).
  • Flying vision processing.
  • 98N force (burst/thrust) for press fit connectors.
  • 03015mm component: 35k CPH @ +/-25um and 40k CPH @ =/-38um accuracy.
  • IPS Turned On: Checks for part's height

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