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Environmentally conscious manufacturing (ECM)

Searching for sustainable suppliers in order to mitigate climate change, our goal is to become a leading green manufacturer in the electronics assembly industry. As a high tech manufacturer, it was a no-brainer to implement leading-edge clean technology for energy production.

We utilize manufacturing equipment that draws a lot of power during peak demand, providing a popular solution to reduce your demand charges. By adopting solar, we secure long-term energy expenditures for the next 25 years, and encourage the use of clean energy to power your entire building.

Roof Array

—   Dedicated to providing the most sustainable solutions

Eliminating more than 12,500 tons of carbon emissions throughout its lifetime, installing a commercial solar array from Meritronics in Milpitas, California, is equivalent to removing 1,563 cars from the road. This, indeed, is a major environmental commitment in reducing emissions.

Largest Solar Installation in Milpitas, CA

—   Building Sustainably

Meritronics is committed to reducing global footprint with $1.5M+ invested in solar panels - making it the largest solar installation investment in Milpitas, CA


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